Yale YES-ALARMKIT Essentials Black Friday Deals

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Yale YES-ALARMKIT Essentials Black Friday Deals 2022

Yale YES-ALARMKIT Essentials black friday deals

Yale has announced the release of its first-ever YES-ALARM KIT, a battery-powered device designed to be used as a safety alarm for homes and schools in emergencies. The YES-ALARM KIT is a handheld, wearable, battery-powered device equipped with a built-in speaker, motion sensors, and a flashlight. Students designed the device at Yale’s School of Engineering and Applied Science in response to a request from the New Haven Fire Department and the Connecticut Office of Emergency Management. The goal of the Yale YES-ALARM KIT is to allow the user to “see, hear, and feel” the emergency before calling the fire department. The Yale YES-ALARM KIT was inspired by the emergency beacons found in fire hydrants.


The Essentials Alarm Kit includes two movement detectors, a siren, and a door contact. It is very easy to install and use. It is battery-powered and wireless. You can use the alarm system anywhere in your house or your outbuildings. The Essentials Alarm Kit has a built-in siren and two movement detectors. The siren will alert you when someone enters or exits your home. The two movement detectors can detect people and pets entering or exiting your home. Users can turn it off with the touch of a button. The Essentials Alarm Kit comes with a keypad that lets you set the volume level of the siren, turn it on or off, and adjust the sensitivity of the movement detectors. It also has a built-in motion sensor. You can adjust the sensitivity of the movement detector by turning the keypad. The keypad has a large, easy-to-read display, and the buttons are well-placed for easy operation. The keypad is color-coded, so you can easily tell which button is which.


The alarm system is battery-operated. You can use it as a motion detector, a door contact, a siren, and a security camera. It has a wireless remote control that you can use to arm and disarm the system, turn on and off the lights, and lock and unlock doors. Users can use the system indoors or outdoors. It is very easy to install and use. You can use the system to protect your home, garage, or office. Users can use the siren to alert the neighbors when something is happening. The kit comes with a manual and a video.


In conclusion, The Yale Alarmkit is a must-have for any home security system. It has everything you need to install a wireless alarm system in minutes. All the hardware is included, including the installation instructions and a user guide. It is also extremely easy to install; plug in the battery and follow the instructions. The kit has everything you need to set up your alarm and monitor your home from anywhere.

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