Sony WF-SP800N Black Friday Deals 2022

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Sony WF-SP800N Black Friday Deals 2022

Sony WF-SP800N Black Friday Deals


We’ve heard a lot about wireless earphones recently and the Sony WF-SP800N is one of the best wireless models out there. It’s comfortable, has good sound quality and can play music for up to 8 hours straight. The key selling point of the WF-SP800N is its noise cancelling. There is a microphone built into the earpiece and you can either use the inbuilt noise cancellation or the Bluetooth connection to cancel out noise. It’s a great option for active people. It comes with an in-ear loop that can connect to your smartphone or a wired remote. Check out the full review here.


The Sony WF-SP800N are comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time, but the fit is a bit snug at first. After about 30 minutes of use, the buds are easily adjusted to fit comfortably in your ears. The fit is even better when I wear them for exercise, since the earbuds are designed to fit securely inside your ears, preventing them from slipping out. The earbuds have a good sound quality, and the volume control on the right earbud is easy to reach with my thumb.


In a world where the quality of the audio is increasingly important, Sony has developed a new technology that allows it to create a more accurate audio experience. The technology is called 360 Reality Audio and the idea is that it can create a better audio experience by putting the listener in the centre of the sonic action. The technology is still in development and there are some limitations that we can expect to see in the future. However, it has been proven that 360 Reality Audio has a significant impact on the listening experience.


In conclusion, the Sony WF-SP800N is a good option for those who want to listen to music while exercising or commuting. The headphones are comfortable and well-designed, and they come with a few useful features like voice controls and the ability to adjust the volume. However, they are not as portable as the Apple AirPods, so if you plan on using them while working out, they are not for you.

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