Plantronics Voyager Black Friday Deals 2022

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Plantronics Voyager Black Friday Deals 2022

Plantronics Voyager Headset Black Friday Deals

In case you missed out on all the attention the Voyager One Ear Headset got when it was first released back in 2013, it’s actually quite the amazing little gadget. After all, it’s a Bluetooth headset, which means that you can use it with your smartphone, laptop, etc. However, what makes the Voyager so special is its ability to track the wearer’s heart rate using a sensor on the outside. By connecting to an app called MIO, you can get more information on how your body is reacting to the environment around you. For example, you could use this headset to make sure you’re not getting too stressed at work by tracking your heart rate while you’re on the phone with clients.


The Voyager is easy to use and simple to set up. It’s also fairly lightweight, so you shouldn’t have any trouble carrying it around with you. The Voyager has a small button on the back of the device that allows you to adjust the volume, mute the mic, and answer or end a call. The buttons are easy to press and are located in a convenient place. You can easily see the buttons in bright daylight, so you won’t have any problems using them at night. The Voyager is easy to use, but if you are having problems with it, you should contact customer service for help.


The best part about the Voyager is that it’s very portable. You can carry it in your pocket or purse, and it’s easily stored in your bag. The Voyager is also very durable. It has a good build quality and should be able to withstand a few accidental bumps or drops without sustaining too much damage. The ear-hook is fairly flexible, which should help prevent it from breaking off. The Voyager is available in a variety of colors, including black, white, silver, and blue.


In conclusion, Plantronics Voyager is a solid product that can provide a good quality of sound. The sound is very clear and the volume level is reasonable for a Bluetooth headset. The only thing that I don’t like about this headset is the fact that the battery life is quite short (about 6 hours). This isn’t a big deal though because you can always recharge it via USB. Overall, Plantronics Voyager is a great product that is worthy of your money.

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