Dell Alienware AW2720HF Black Friday Deals 2022

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Dell Alienware AW2720HF Black Friday Deals 2022

Dell Alienware AW2720HF Black Friday Deals

If you’re a gamer who needs a monitor with speedy refresh rates to keep the action smooth, the Dell Alienware AW2720HF is a great choice. Its smooth 240Hz IPS panel is capable of producing a consistent 120 frames per second at its native 1920×1080 resolution. That’s not a lot of frames per second, but it’s more than enough to enjoy fast-paced shooters like Fortnite and CS:GO. Its response time is decent, too, with 6ms G2G and 8ms MPRT. However, it doesn’t offer HDR or FreeSync, which would’ve helped make the picture more bright and sharp. Also Checkout Acer Predator X34P.


The Dell AW2720HF also has a great design, thanks to its minimal bezels and sleek stand. Its stand is also adjustable, which makes it easy to position the display so you have room to work with, and it tilts and swivels to adjust for the optimal viewing angle.


This Dell monitor has a 1920×1080 resolution and a 2560×1440 virtual desktop, which is pretty standard for a 27-inch gaming monitor. But what makes it really stand out is the 240Hz refresh rate, which is far higher than most monitors. On top of that, the screen has a TN panel that supports FreeSync technology, which reduces stuttering and tearing for smoother, more fluid gameplay. You won’t find HDR or Dolby Vision here, but the monitor does have a wide gamut (P3) color space that helps it cover a wider range of colors than a standard sRGB model. When it comes to the actual picture quality, it’s a mixed bag. On the one hand, it’s a bit undersaturated, with slightly less accurate white balance than we’d like. On the other, the monitor doesn’t have nearly as bad black uniformity as we’ve seen on some other screens, and it has an acceptable contrast ratio.


In conclusion, there’s no denying that the Alienware AW2720HF is an excellent gaming monitor. It’s one of the best displays we’ve ever tested. And, it’s also one of the most popular gaming monitors on Amazon. With its crisp 1440p resolution, sharp 4ms response time, and wide color gamut, the Alienware AW2720HF is the perfect choice for any serious gamer.

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