Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Black Friday Deals 2022

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Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Black Friday Deals 2022

Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Black Friday Deals

You’ll find a lot of studio headphones out there on the market—and most of them have a similar sound quality. Why spend money on a pair that sounds the same as every other headphone out there? There are two things that set the M40x apart from the rest of the pack: a built-in microphone and an amazing sound. The built-in microphone allows you to use the headphones as a monitor. This makes it possible to see yourself performing while playing music. This is a huge plus when you’re practicing or recording. The headphones have three different listening modes: Normal, Listening, and Recording. There’s no doubt about it: you can record using these headphones.


The ATH-M40x is designed to be used by both the active and casual listener. The cord is long enough to comfortably rest on a desk or lap while working or gaming, but short enough to not get in the way of your activities. The ATH-M40x is the perfect choice for people who like to listen to music while they work out, study, or just kick back at home. It also works well for those who want to hear their favorite podcasts while on the go.


The ATH-M40x has three levels of noise isolation: off, medium and high. The off setting is pretty good, but it does have some distortion at higher volumes. The medium setting does a nice job of keeping external noise out, and the high setting is great for when you are working in an office. The ATH-M40x also features a dual microphone system that allows you to talk on the phone or take calls without having to turn off the headset. You can also adjust the volume of the mic as well as the input gain and the output level. The mic is also adjustable.


In conclusion, the ATH-M40x is a great pair of headphones. They are comfortable, the sound quality is excellent, and they have a wide range of uses. These headphones are ideal for use in the studio or in any situation where you need to hear good audio and you don’t want to compromise on comfort. They also work well with other devices like cell phones, tablets, and laptops. They are perfect for anyone who wants to listen to music or watch videos on their phone, tablet, or laptop.

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