Alesis Strike Multipad Black Friday Deals 2022

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Alesis Strike Multipad Black Friday Deals 2022

Edrum Alesis Strike Multipad Black Friday Deals 2022

The Strike Multipad is the successor to the SamplePad Pro, and it improves upon the previous model in every way. It’s smaller, lighter, and it has a different layout that makes playing more efficient. You get 9 velocity-sensitive pads with customizable RGB lights, which are spaced to work well for drumming and for practicing. The pads are also divided into 3 zones, so you can set them to match your needs.


Each pad is rated at 50 pounds of force, which should be enough for most drummers. The pads are also incredibly sensitive, so they’re responsive and can detect the smallest amount of movement. Alesis also included 5 built-in effects processors. Each pad has its own dedicated effect, so you can use any of them on any pad. If you wanted to customize your setup further, you could add more effects, but the built-in ones are sufficient for most users.

There are 2 other things about the Strike Multipad that I particularly like. One is that the pads can be switched between 3 different modes: soft, hard, and mute. This allows you to set the mode based on how you want to play, for example, the soft mode would be good for practicing and warm-ups, while the hard mode would be best for performing. The other thing is that the pads are extremely sensitive. If you touch any part of the pad at all, you can activate a preset sound. The best way to explain this is that the pads are like pressure plates that respond to contact anywhere on the surface.


In addition to all of that, there are 8,000+ pre-loaded samples on the 32GB of internal storage. You can load up to 3 samples onto each pad, so you can practice a drum beat with up to 12 different sounds at once. The Strike Multipad has a built-in audio interface, so you can connect to a computer via USB and record directly. However, Alesis recommends using the included Alesis Loop software. It’s designed to take care of the recording aspect and allows you to record your drum beats to a loop.There is also a built-in speaker and headphone jack, so you can listen to your beats and adjust the pitch and volume. The speakers have good output quality and are not overly bright.


In conclusion, I really like the Strike MultiPad. It’s a great MIDI controller for beginners who want to get started with electronic music production. It comes with 64 pads, which is a lot more than most MIDI controllers. It also has an XLR input, headphone output, and USB port, so you can connect it to your computer or use it with your iOS or Android device. The Strike MultiPad is also compact, lightweight, and portable. If you’re looking for a MIDI controller with a lot of features and a small price tag, this is the controller for you.So if you’re looking to upgrade from a SamplePad Pro, I highly recommend this. The Strike Multipad will improve your performance and the sound quality is excellent.

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